Louis Farrakhan Net Worth: How Rich is the Politician?

Louis Farrakhan Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Politican?

What is Louis Farrakhan Net Worth?

Louis Farrakhan is one of the richest politician of United Stated along with African-American religious personality and black political activist. A lot of questions arise about the Louis Farrakhan net worth that how much is his net worth?

Leader of Nation of Islam (NOI) movement, Louis Farrakhan net worth is approximately $5 million. He is Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist and Black Supremacist. In this article, Louis Farrakhan net worth, his age, height career and much more are covered. Let’s discuss it!

Who is Louis Farrakhan?

Louis Farrakhan is unapologetic religious and political leader of Nation of Islam (NOI) movement. He is best known as anti-Semitic, anti-white and anti homosexuality controversies. In 1955, Louis joined the Nation of Islam movement and became the biggest representative of NOI organization. He also participated in Million-Man March also in 1955 in Washington, DC.

Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking in interview of Darryl Cooke

Due to his bad health in 2007, he stepped back from the responsibilities of NOI, but this didn’t affect his participation in the NOI events. He also delivered sermons for the Nation of Islam.

He is basically a prominent figure of American-African people and has great fan following there. Louis Farrakhan is influential leader and charismatic speaker of the United States. As of 2024, Louis Farrakhan net worth is 5 million USD. However, there is no record of his monthly income.

Louis Farrakhan Biography

Real NameLouis Eugene Walcott
Famous NameLouis Farrakhan
ProfessionReliogious leader, former singer & political activist
Date of Birth11 May, 1933
Place of BirthBronx, New York, United States
Age90 years old
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.66m)
FatherPercival Clark
MotherSarah Mae
Zodiac SignTaurus
SpouseKhadijah Farrakhan
Net Worth$5 million

Early Life

Louis Farrakhan, birth name Louis Eugene Walcott was born in New York, City of the United States of America. His father Percival left him and his mother alone before his birth. Louis Farrakhan mother, Sarah raised him by the skin of her teeth.

Sarah and her kids (Louis Farrakhan and his younger brother) start living with Louis Walcott (stepfather of Louis Farrakhan) after Percival Clark left their family. After the death of Walcott in 1936, they moved to Boston.

Louis Farrakhan joined Boston Latin School for his early education, and later attended English High School. When he was 5 years old, he started his musical journey when he was 5 years old by playing violin and at the age of 12, he was touring already with Boston college Orchestra.

He won many competitions and his music interest let him won many competitions and performance on “Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour”. Louis also got scholarship to Winston-Salem Teachers College, but after the junior, he dropped himself from college to spend quality time with his wife and kid.

Louis Farrakhan Age

Louis Farrakhan reached the age of 90 as of 2023. Despite his old age, he is still an active public figure known for his energetic speeches and strong views regarding black nationalism, race and religion.

Louis Farrakhan net worth is testament that age is just a factor, as he is still energetic having strong religious views and unique leadership qualities.

Height, Weight & other Physical Stats

Louis Farrakhan height, weight summarized in table along with other physical stats. He is member of African-American community with influential and charismatic speaking style.

Height5′ 4″ (1.66m)
Weight80 Kg (170 lb)
Shoe Size7 US
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Louis Farrakhan Religion

Louis Farrakhan belongs to Nation of Islam, organization of Islam, but organization’s teachings and beliefs are different from mainstream of Islam. Influential black leader, Louis Farrakhan, spent a part of his life in serving African-American community and had a great impact on the nation with his confident and charismatic speaking style.

Minister Louis Farrakhan during The Revelation of "The Hidden Truths", wearning white shirt and black coat

Louis Farrakhan Nationality & Race

Louis Farrakhan is an American citizen born in New York, United States in 1933 and supporter of African-American community. He is most active and inspiring public figure.

Louis Farrakhan Personal Life

In 1953, Louis Farrakhan was married to Betsy Ross (Khadijah Farrakhan). She is the first lady to occupy prominent position in the Nation of Islam. They were married, when Louis was in college, and soon he left the college to spend quality time with his new wife and child.

Louis has 9 children (5 daughters and 4 sons). Their names are Betsy-Jean, Maria, Khallada, Fatimah, Louis Jr., Mustapha, Donna, Abnar and Joshua. Louis Jr. passed at the age of 60, in 2018 due to severe heart disease.

Louis was detected with prostate cancer in 1991, and he undergoes treatment through hormones. In 1994, cancer reoccurred, and brachytherapy seed implant was done for recovery. The same occur in 1999, with complication.

In September 2006, he lost 35 pound weight due to peptic ulcer occurred by many infections. He was hospitalized for 5 weeks at that time. He announced that he was suffered from heart attack in October 2013, and stunt was implanted for recovery.

Louis Farrakhan Career

Louis Farrakhan net worth is $5 million earned from his leadership and music career. He embarked across the United States to showcase himself as a singer with stage name The Charmer and Calypso Gene in 1950. Rodney Smith introduced him for the first time with Nation of Islam in 1955 and invited to Saviour’s day address delivered by Elijah Muhammad.

In the July 1955, when Louis joined NOI, he was called as registered Muslim, registered believer, registered laborer and Louis X till he got his Muslim name Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan net worth is approximately $5 million from his career. He gave up on his passion of singing, after Elijah Muhammad put a choice for group member to choose either singing or NOI.

Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking in Community-Reflection of Louis Farrakhan Net Worth, wearing glasses and standing on podium

Louis joined Boston’s temple of Islam and after serving there appointed as assistant of Malcolm X. After the Malcolm X transfer, he was appointed as temple’s minister. Servings of influential Harlem mosque as minister and other former positions of Malcolm X (after his death in 1965) was under supervision of Louis Farrakhan till 1975.

Louis Farrakhan net worth is testament of his commitment and dedication within Nation of Islam. At that time, he was also serving Nation of Islam as national representative and primary spokesperson. The Louis Farrakhan net worth is mainly from his brief music career and servings as leader.

Warith Deen Mohammad became the new president of NOI after death of Elijah Muhammad, he first changed the name of NOI to World Community of Islam and then American Society of Muslims and tried to close it to orthodox Islam.

In 1978, Louis joined this American Society of Muslims, but Warith Deen Muhammad started calling him Abdul haleem after he became Sunni Imam. So, Louis Farrakhan left American Society and tried to regain the original Nation OF Islam organization for this he started a Million-Man March in 1975 and 4,40,000 joined this march.

Jesse Jackson, Maya Angelou and speeches of Rosa park are included in this March along with other admiring people of African-Americans. Louis Farrakhan net worth is testament of his career as American religious leader and political activist. You can also read marvelous journey, achivements, career and much more about political wife, Ethel Kennedy.


Louis Farrakhan’s critics claimed that he is anti-racist and anti-Semitic. The Southern Poverty Law Center clarified that the Nation of Islam is a hater group as Louis said that whites are race of devils and deserve to die, so The Chair of the Anti-Defamation League, Nathan Pearl mutter call him black Hitler in reply Louis justify that Hitler was a great person.

The family of Malcolm X accused Louis Farrakhan for assassination of Malcolm X But Louis didn’t accept this. Later, he accepted that for the assassination of Malcolm X, he created such environment, but not exactly murdered him.

Real Estate

Real estate properties (Louis Farrakhan’s house) had a great impact on the Louis Farrakhan net worth. In the 1970, well-known Egyptian architect, M. Momen in Chicago’s Woodlawn’s neighborhood left undeniable marks by designing 5 elegant and impressive mansions for Elijah Muhammad, testament of architectural brilliance.

These are now under property of Louis Farrakhan, and he lives in one of these beautiful masterpiece, with 21 rooms.

Louis Farrakhan Social Accounts

Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Assembly has social accounts to connect with his followers. His Twitter account has 375.9K followers. Facebook account of Louis Farrakhan was blocked due to sharing of content that violates Facebook policies. You may also read about Louis Farrakhan quotes and complete biography from Wikipedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influential personality, Louis Farrakhan, is still alive and turned 90 in 2023. In his mesmerizing journey, Louis Farrakhan net worth is recorded $5 million.

Betsy Rose (Khadijah Farrakhan) is Louis Farrakhan wife.

Louis Farrakhan net worth is $5 million as of 2023.

Yes, Louis Farrakhan has 9 children (5 daughters and 4 sons).

Final Words

Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, is popular and successful religious politician of the United States of America. Despite his old age, he speaks confidently about the rights and empowerment of African-American community. Louis Farrakhan net worth is $5 million, reflection of his financial milestone and remarkable achievements.

Hope you liked the article about Louis Farrakhan net worth. Moreover, Louis Farrakhan net worth is drawn from the public sources, so if you find any correction or have query then feel free to ask in comment section.

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