Last Updated: September 26, 2023

At, we are committed to making our website accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We aim to provide an inclusive and user-friendly online experience. We have implemented various accessibility features and continue to work towards improving the accessibility of our website.

Accessibility Features

Here are some of the accessibility features we have incorporated into our website:

  • We provide alternative text descriptions for all images on our website, ensuring that users with visual impairments can understand the content of the images.
  • Our website can be navigated using keyboard shortcuts for users who may not be able to use a mouse.
  • We use clear and legible fonts with adjustable text size options to accommodate users with different reading preferences.
  • We maintain a sufficient color contrast between text and background to make the content more readable for users with visual impairments.
  • We offer a “Skip to Content” link at the top of each page, allowing screen reader users to bypass repetitive navigation elements and go directly to the main content.
  • We use descriptive and meaningful link text to help users understand where a link will take them.
  • Our forms are designed with clear labels and instructions to assist users in completing them accurately.
  • Where applicable, we provide subtitles or transcripts for video content to assist users with hearing impairments.

Accessibility Policy

We are committed to maintaining and improving the accessibility of our website. Our team regularly reviews our website for compliance with recognized accessibility standards, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Feedback and Contact Information

If you encounter any accessibility issues while using our website or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We value your feedback and are dedicated to addressing any concerns promptly.

Contact Information:

Accessibility Resources

If you would like to learn more about web accessibility or need additional resources, here are some organizations that provide valuable information:

We appreciate your support in helping us make a more accessible and inclusive platform for all users.