Ethel Kennedy net worth: How rich is Political wife 2023? picture of Ethel Kennedy on her documentry directed by her daughter, wearing white shirt and blue coat

Ethel Kennedy Net Worth 2024: How Rich is Political Wife?

Ethel Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s widow, is the richest American democrat and philanthropist. She devoted her life, as advocate for human rights, in public services and social equality. Her efforts left undeniable marks on the society. Ethel Kennedy net worth, testament of her dedication and passion, is $50 million.


Ethel Kennedy, major contributor of social justice and environental conservation, has been featured in several documentries due to her vibrant energy. Learn more about her from the table below.

Full NameEthel Skakel Kennedy
Date of BirthApril 11, 1928
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Age95 years old
Zodiac SignAries
ProfessionHuman rights Advocate
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRobert F. Kennedy
Net Worth$50 million
Last UpdatedMay 27, 2024

Early Life

Ethel Kennedy, daughter of Roman Catholic mother Ann Brannack Skakel and businessman father George Skakel, was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 11, 1928. Ethel’s father was also a dutch-born protestant. They were died in 1955 in a plane crash, and left Ethel Kennedy along with her six siblings. Check out the page, Ethel Kennedy to learn more about her.

She, and her siblings were raised in Catholic faith. Ethel Kennedy attended all-girls Sacred Heart Academy in Greenwich, Connecticut and Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan. After completing her school, she attended Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart for higher studies. In 1945, she completed her education and graduated from University of Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Ethel Skakel met Robert F. Kennedy (nickname bobby) during a ski trip of Mont-Tremblant Resort in Quebec, Canada, in 1945. Robert was dating her sister, Patricia at that time. After their break-up, he started dating Ethel Skakel, and after 5 years of their relationship, they were married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greenwich on June 17, 1950.

During initial years of their wedding, they were living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Afterwards, Bobby got his law degree, and they moved to Washington, DC. During this time, their first child, Kathleen, expanded her family, and Bobby embarked his career from Department of Justice.

Memorable picture of Ethel Kennedy with her husband Robert F. Kennedy

In 1952, he worked for the federal service as Attorney General of the United States. The same year his imactful journey aided him to got position of United States Senator for the state of New York. In 1956, they made pivotal decison to buy a house in Hickory Hill, in McLean, Virginia, played a pivot role in Ethel Kennedy net worth. They organized many get-togethers there and planned and expanded their family.

On June 5, 1968, everything changed dramatically with Robert F. Kennedy’s assasination by Sirhan Sirhan at Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California. After this tragic incident , Ethel Kennedy promised herself not to marry again and devote her life for her children. She is active figure in the social world. Her daughter Rory directed a documentry “Ethel” focussed on her life.

Ethel spent some qualtiy time with Andy Williams, but no information regarding her affair is available. They just attended events and parties together. Ethel Kennedy lived in her family house in Virginia till it’s sale in 2009 for $8.25 million. Also Read the marvelous career and net worth of politican Louis Farrakhan.


Ethel Kennedy net worth, testament of his impressive journey and public service career, is $50 million. She is the most popular political wife and champion of social justice. Ethel Ethel Keneddy collaborated with her husband, sharing their dedication to work in Center for Justice and Human Rights. She always worked with dedication and navigate the turbulent water to drive positive change in the society.

Ethel Kennedy, also contributed actively in US Congress election campaign with John F. Kennedy, her husband’s friend. She also wrote a thesis on Why England Slept, John F. Kennedy’s book, aided in her career. This book also has a pivotal role in Ethel Kennedy net worth.

Beautiful picture of Ethel Kennedy, depicting her successful career

Relevance of Ethel Kennedy to media, embraked a positive impact on her career and incresed her net worth. For providing justice and peaceful environment to people, she worked hard in Center for Justice and Human Rights and shape her husband’s dream into reality. This was a non-profitable charity to bring peace in the world.

Ethel Kennedy, beacon of hope and inspiration, also got Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama. This medal also added value to Ethel Kennedy net worth.

Ethel Kennedy Net Worth

Ethel Kennedy net worth, salary, earnings and generous heritage from his husband is summarized in the form of table below, as net worth changes with passage of time, still it is updated according to recent data. Total Ethel Kennedy net worth, sum of her assets and liabilities, is $50 million.

Net Worth $50 million
Source of Income Human rights advocate, Political wife
Salary Under Review
HouseLives in own house worth $8 million

Awards & Achievements

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan awarded Ethel Kennedy in White House Rose Garden on behalf of Robert F. Kennedy. US president Barack Obama awarded her with President Medal of Freedom award for her advancement in social justice and human rights in 2014. The awards and honors added value to Ethel Kennedy net worth and she also created undeniable opportunities eliminate hurdles causing poverty.

Height, Weight and other Physical Stats

Height5 feet 4 Inches (1.63 m)
Weight52.1 kg (115 pound)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Soe Size5 US

Ethnicity & Religion

Ethel Kennedy’s followers wants to know her ethnicity, religion ad nationality. She has American citizenship, her ethnicity and religion will be updated soon in this article.

Facts about Ethel Kennedy

  • Ethel Kennedy received many accolades and awards throughout her life.
  • She enjoys living with her children and family.
  • Sometime, her upbringing and motherhood has been describes as “inattentive”, “angry”and “questionable”.
  • In 2008, she hosted a dinner at Hickory Hall worth $6 million for Obama.
  • She raised her voice for social justice, poverty reduction and environmental conservation.
  • From 1995 to 2003, Ethel Kennedy was appointed as Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor, and spread ripples of hope and guidance.
  • President Medal of Freedom Award 2014 From President Obama, aided in increment of Ethel Kennedy net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

She has net worth of $50 million, from his profession as human right advocate and richest political wife.

No, after her husband’s assasination, she swored not to marry again.

Ethel Kennedy did philantropic work and wrote thesis for book Why England Slept of John F. Kennedy. She was also involved in US compaign of election in 1964.

Ethel Kennedy and Robert f. Kennedy (Bobby) met in 1945, during ski trip of Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec, Canada.

Final Words

Ethel Kenedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy is richest American phianthropist and democrat. She, advocate of human rights, continued to spread positivity as beacon of hope and inspiration. As of 2024, Ethel Kennedy net worth is $50 million, testament of her lifetime achievements.

Hope you liked the article of Ethel Kennedy net worth, if you still have any query, fee free to ask in the comment section.

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