Desiree Washington Net Worth 2023: Career And Earnings

Desiree Washington Net Worth 2024: Career And Earnings

Desiree Washington is an American Beauty Pageants contestant and former Model who suffered in her life following her rape case. The estimated Desiree Washington net worth is $600 thousand from her modelling career. She gained the social media attention after her rape case.

Desiree showcased her bravery while fighting against the renowned boxer Mike Tyson, who raped her, and set the example for girls in society to fight against wrong. You should read this complete article about Desiree Washington net worth, career, personal life and what she is doing now?


Full NameDesiree Washington
Date of Birth1973
Place of BirthCoventry, Rhode Island, United States
Age50 years
Zodiac SignN/A
EthnicityAfro- American
ParentsFather: Donald Washington
Mother: Mary Bell Silva
Siblings2 (older brother: Don Jr., and younger sister: Dorrae)
SpouseNot Available
EducationStudied Psychology from Providence College
ProfessionAmerican Beauty Pageants contestant, Model
Net Worth$600 thousand
Last UpdatedJanuary 01, 2024

Early Life

Desiree Washington entered this world in 1973, in the town of Coventry, Rhode Island, United States to Donald Washington and Mary Bell Silva. The specific birth date and month have not been disclosed publicly. She has been a brilliant performer since her school days. However, she has a wealthy background, and grew up with support and guidance from her family.

For early education she joined Coventry High School. She excelled academically and also stood out in various extracurricular activities. Her passion for sports specially her participation in football, was remarkable. She secured a brilliant position in academic studies and distinction in various championships at school level.

Beautiful picture of Desiree Washington depicting Desiree Washington net worth

Desiree pursued her education and headed towards Providence College, located in Providence, Rhode Island, where she focussed her studies in psychology. She wanted to be a politician or attorney in future, despite her significantly different course of study. Moreover, she had great interest in modeling from a young age, which aided her to win her first beauty pageant contest as Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991, at the age of 18.

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Desiree Washington’s Career

Desiree Washington participated in many beauty contests between 1991 and 1992. However, her success was marked especially in the year 1991, when she won Miss Black Rhode Island, her first pageantry award. Furthermore, she took part in the Miss Black America pageant held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Desiree wanted to be a model since her young age, so her passion led her to win and participate in many modeling and beauty contests till her case hearing with Mike Tyson on March 26, 1992. While she was pursuing her career as model, she met Mike Tyson around, and both appeared in a Mike Tyson’s music video.

Mike Tyson boxer arrested for rape of Desiree Washington former model

At that time, Tyson called Desiree in a hotel room and provided her phone number and room number. According to her, when she reached in the hotel room Tyson was drunk and asked ger to intimate, but after Deriree’s rejection, he forcefully raped her. After her escape from the hotel room, she narrated all the incident to her roommate, and later checked in Methodist Hospital within 24 hours.

Media focussed on this whole incident and soon made this news public. It was confirmed that she was tapped with the tiny abrasion in the inner vaginal walls. Tyson was sentenced for 8- years but after 6 years, he was released.

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Before the incident, she was considered the top model of her time. She was also serving as a teacher before pursuing her career as model and taught small children, but she left teaching after her complete involvement in modeling. As of 2024, Desiree Washington net worth is $600 thousand, testament of her remarkable career as model.

Effect of Incident on Desiree’s Life

Desiree was a young, strong and beautiful lady. However, this rape incident affected her life badly. The rape incident affected her so badly that she didn’t decided to come back again in modeling. While the incident didn’t affect boxing icon Tyson.

Mike Tyson did not feel guilty for charges, but it was the darkest time for Desiree according to her lawyer Michael Weisman. He also added that it was a tough task to gather the broken pieces after the tragedy.

Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desire Washington net worth is approximately $600,000. Moreover, it was also rumored that she received the penalty amount after the rape from Tyson. but this information was not confirmed at that time. However, later it was confirmed that Desiree received the offer of $1 million for dropping the rape allegation case against Tyson, but she didn’t accept it. Desiree Washington net worth is testament of her marvelous journey as model.

Personal Life

50 years old Desiree Washington has not revealed any current information regarding her personal life. However, in the past, she had one boyfriend when she was in High School. They were serious about each other but after the rape case, they broke up. In the rape case, her boyfriend also played a role model to defend Desiree in court.

Desiree’s boyfriend told the jury in court that Desiree is innocent, and she told him about the incident while he was drunk. But the court rejected his words by saying that he was moulding a story. As she was mentally traumatized from the rape incident, this also affected her family relations.

Her brother faced many difficult situations and her parents suffered separation after the tragic incident. She kept her personal life, occupation and current location away from public media as of 2024. Check also Draya Michele Net Worth.

Height, Weight & other Physical Stats

Height5 feet 8 inches (172.2 cm)
Weight51.7 kg (113.97 lbs)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
Body TypeSlim

Social Media Profiles

After the rape case, Desiree Washington kept herself away from the public media. Her social profiles are not available as of 2024.

AccountFollowers/ Subscribers
InstagramNot Available
FacebookNot Available
YouTubeNot Available
TwitterNot Available


  • Desiree Washington was offered with $1 million from Mike Tyson to drop out the rape case, but she didn’t accept this offer.
  • Desiree’s family suffered by following her rape. Her siblings also faced tough situation during their education and daily life in school and society.
  • Desiree Washington fought not only for justice following rape case not only for herself, but set example for society in which girls stay silent during these situations.
  • Desiree Washington net worth of $600,000 is solely from her career as model, but enough for her to live comfortably with this amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desiree Washington’s age is 50 years as of 2024.

The estimated Desiree Washington net worth stands at $600,000.

Final Words

Desiree Washington is the first beauty pageant. She suffered in her life after the rape incident. Her family also affected badly after her rape tragedy. She made her career in the modeling before the rape case. Desiree Washington net worth is $600 thousand, which indicates that she is not a millionaire, but enough for her to survive. As of 2024, she kept herself away from the media.

Hope you find Desiree Washington net worth informative, If we are missing any celebrity, whom you are interested in, then do let us know in the comment section.

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