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Mozzy Net Worth 2024: Career and Earnings of Hip-Hop Icon

Timothy Cornell Patterson, stage name Mozzy is a well-known American song writer, singer and rapper. He achieved fame from his album ‘Bladadah’ released in 2015. Mozzy net worth is approximately $5 million, testament of revered figure in the world of hip-hop.

He signed many projects with CMG, Interscope Records and Black market records aided him in his successful career. Hold tight as you are going to indulge in the Mozzy net worth along with his undeniable journey, successful career.


Real NameTimothy Cornell Patterson
Stage NameMozzy
Date of BirthJune 24, 1987
Place of BirthOak Park, Sacramento, California, United States
Zodic SignCancer
ProfessionRapper, Singer
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight65kg (143 lbs)
WifeGee O Dee
Children2 (daughters)
Net Worth$5 million

Early Life

Mozzy entered this world in Oak Park, Sacramento, California, United States on June 24, 1987. There is no information disclosed regarding his siblings and parents, as he always keep his personal life close to his chest.

The only information available regarding his family is that his mother was a drug-addict and his father was serving his time in jail. His upbringing was under the shade and guidance of his grandmother Brenda Patterson-Usher.

Mozzy’s life was influenced by his surroundings. He went to jail several times between 2005-2008. Furthermore, a small part of Mozzy life was spent in San Quentin State Prison. He got several chances to leave the state but couldn’t due to his prohibition period during probation.


Mozzy received his early education from Sacramento High School, but soon he was expelled. After completion of GED (General Education Development conducted with 4 subjects, after which one can be eligible to acclaim that he has US or Canadian academic skills) test, he applied for several jobs.

But in 2010, Mozzy make up his mind completely to start his career in music. He called himself “The chosen one” as he rapped for several years before come into notice.

Personal Life

Since 2010, Mozzy is in relationship with Gee O Dee. They are living the life of positivity filled with contentment, testament of their wavering happiness. Amidst the life of challenges, Mozzy has 2 daughters with Gee O Dee and reside the life of happiness in Los Angeles.

His daughters names are Dooterz Patterson and Zayda Ahkyana Patterson. He does not like to share further details regarding his family, so it is essential to respect his privacy.


Mozzy started rapping in 2004, and at the age of 16 he decided to pursue his professional music career from early 2010 as rap lover with other local artists in Sacramento. Mozzy debuted with “U Ain’t Really Like Dat” song, released in 2010.

He launched his first album “Money means Mozzy” with the name of Lil Tim in 2011. This album gain so much fame from his fans that they nicknamed him Mozzy. He gained recognition with release of The Tonight Show” in 2013. In 2015, his first solo mixtape “Bladadah” released by Rolling stone, start of his remarkable dedication towards his career.

Mozzy while rapping Tomorrow Ain't Promised wearing black shirt

Thereafter, he received critical acclaim and powerful recognition. The journey of famous rapper Bre-Z is also worth reading. Mozzy released “Lil Timothy N Thingz” on August 2, 2016, compilation of his recordings from 2008 to onward, brought him great success.

Furthermore, he charged 7-8 lacs for endorsements, testament of amassed addition to Mozzy net worth. In the world of music industry and rapping, you should also read about marvelous journey of famous rapper Chico Bean.

Chartbuster Albums

Complex magzine gave appreciation to Mozzy for his hit songs and best ablums. He was renowned for launching hissuccessful rap songs in 2016, and earned ranking of number seven on rap songs chart on billboard by his hit album “Mandatory check”.

He collaborated with big artists in their rap songs and music companies. The second music album “Gangland Landlord” was unveiled in 2017. This album peaked at position 57 on US billboard 200. Thereafter, in August 2017, he featured his successful album “1 Up Top Ahk”.

Mesmerizing picture of Mozzy sitting and wearing  black shirt

In 2019, Mozzy collaborated with Gunplay (American Rapper) in “Chop Stixx and Banana Clips”. “Untreated Trauma” is the sixth album released in September 2021. This album on Billboard 100 ranked at number 19. Recently, on February 10, 2002, he collaborated with CMG and Interscope records in joint venture and released his album titled with “Real Ones”.

From 2011-2022, he released his 7 albums and twenty-two solo music songs. Successful featured albums and hit songs has positive impact on the Mozzy net worth i.e. $5 million as of January 2024.

Mozzy Net Worth and Revenue (Last 5 years)

YearRevenueNet Worth
2024$415.7K$1.6 million
2023$336K$1.4 million
2022$315.1K$1.2 million
2021$211K$1 million
2020$156.3K$1 million

Real Estate & Living Standard

Aside from his successful music career, Mozzy also invested a part of his net worth in real estate and other ventures. His real estate also contributed in Mozyy net worth that is approximately $5 million. Also read the net worth details about owner of musical company Lyrical Lemonade, Cole Bennett.

Mozzy has a lavish house in Los Angeles, California. His living standard is marvelous, as he always invested in expensive brands for lifestyle. He has huge collection of dresses, cars, jewlery and expensive weapons. Diamond jewelry and expensive weapons are the valuable assets added value to Mozzy net worth.

Height, Weight and other Physical Stats

The height, weight and other physical stats are summarized in table. Let’s have a look.

Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorBlack

Social Accounts

Social media presence is providing boost to Mozzy net worth. He is yielding a substantial amount of earnings by his raps. Click on the links below to visit his YouTube channel.

Social AccountJoined onSubscribers/ followers
YouTubeSep 29, 20181.48M
TwitterSep, 2011126.3K followers
FacebookNot Available364K followers

You can also enjoy Mozzy music on:

GaanaSpotifyYouTube music

How much does Mozzy make?

As of 2024, from social accounts one can earn up to $400 per day on 100,000 views. His channel has crossed over 1,316,696,480 views as of Jan 2, 2024. Well managed social media platforms aided in growth of Mozzy net worth.

Mozzy Net Worth, Earnings and Salary 2024

As of September 2023, Mozzy released his 6 successful albums aided in growth of his income sources. Mozzy net worth is approximately $5 million from his career as rapper and singer along with real estates and social media earnings, testament of his power in entertainment world.

He has annual income of $400,000 from his music career and from YouTube Platform, he is generating $700,000 per year. Mozzy net worth also accrued from his collaboration with other artists, live performances and other business endorsements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timothy Cornell Patterson, Mozzy has been rapping since 2004. His most hit album is Baladadah. Mozzy net worth, reflection of his astonishing career as rapper is approximately $5 million.

Mozzy has 2 daughters from his wife Gee O Dee. They are living the life of happiness in Los Angeles.

Rapper Mozzy Net worth is $5 million, testament of his brilliant career in music industry.

Mozzy height is 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m).

Timothy Cornell Patterson is Mozzy’s real name . As of 2023, Mozzy age is 36 years.

Mozzy basically belongs to Oak Park, Sacramento, California, United States. His grandmother grew him up, and he started rapping since 2004.

Final Words

Mozzy, famous American singer and rapper is a sought after celebrity in India. Despite his difficult early life, Mozzy net worth is $5 million from his career in music world. He has a huge fan following and well established social media platforms, aided in his net worth.

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