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Manuela Escobar Net Worth 2024: Age, Height, Career

Manuela Escobar net worth is $2 million, despite the vast fortune of Pablo Escobar, The King of Cocaine. She is well-known Columbian businesswoman and homemaker. Her father was associated with one of the world’s most dangerous gangs, Medellín Drug Cartel. She is the only daughter of drug lord and nacro terrorist Pablo Escobar.

After the death of Pablo’s Escobar, she has faced a very tough time. Manuela was the only member of her family with the aero criminal record so, she did not send to jail in her life. She struggled a lot for her family after the death of her father on 2nd December 1993 when she was only 9 years old. Manuela moved with her family to Argentina, when the Colombian government ceased all the wealth of her father.

They had new identities after the settlement in Argentina. She managed to make net worth of $2 million on her own with hard work and determination. You’ll be able to learn about the Manuela Escobar net worth and how her life changed after her father’s death? What she is doing now?


Full nameJuana Manuela Marroquín Santos
Name Manuela Escobar
Current ResidenceVillamaria-Caldas, Coulambia
SchoolingHome schooling
Net worth~$2 million

Birthday, Age & Zodiac Sign

BirthdayMay25, 1984
Birth placeColombia
Age 39
Zodiac SignGemini


FatherMr. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
MotherMrs. Maria Victora Henao (Juana Manuella Marroquin)
BrotherJuan Pablo (Sebastian Marroquin)
HusbandTomas Botero

Early Life

Juana Manuela Marroquín Santos, known as Manuela Escobar is a controversial figure in context of Colombian entrepreneur along with housewife. She lived the luxurious life like the daddy’s princess and only sole child of the family.

She was born at that time when her father was on his way to become a great drug lords in the dangerous world of narcotics. Little Manuela Escobar was unaware of what her father is doing for living. She knew the fact that her father can do anything to fulfil her tinniest wishes and to provide her with beautiful life full of fantasies.

Once she requested to her father for the unicorn, her father was known that unicorn didn’t exist, still he instructed his employee for a white horse and to put horns on the animal’s head. Later the animal died due to infection. Manuela Escobar was homeschooled, due to risks of danger attacks on the Pablo Escobar and his family.

Childhood picture of Manuela Escobar with father Pablo Escobar

Her father provided her with luxurious life and owned a palace furnished with sculptures and opulent interior designs with his criminal business. Juan Pablo Escobar had also purchased a $100 million waterfront house in 6500 square-foot in Miami Beach, Florida.

Pablo Escobar handed all his wealth to the tinniest hands of Manuela Escobar, that made her stubborn and spoiled. Her father had burned $2 million in the early 1900, to snug her. Life of Manuela Escobar was changed dramatically when she was 9 years old. Manuela Escobar net worth has no concern with Pablo Escobar property as mentioned before.

Survival In Shadow Of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was the main leader and founder of Medellín Cartel, a big cocaine organization which controls 80% of cocaine in the whole country. Pablo Escobar was billionaire of his time with worth of $30 billion at the time of his death (worth of $70 billion at the present time).

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Manuela Escobar net worth and asset is testament of her determination towards his career. She was at the death risk due to his father’s doing. Her security was always at priority for her father. She was homeschooled from an early age for her protection from threats of her father’s enemies.

In 1988, she became partially deaf with her left ear permanently damaged, in an accident that took place at Monaco apartment in car explosion (bomb was made up of 800 pounds of dynamite).

Life Of Manuela Escobar: After Death Of Pablo Escobar

She and her family faced many challenges after the death of Pablo Escobar in the gunfire encounter between him and Colombian police on December 2, 1993. They adopted nomadic lifestyle and travelled to many countries like Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, and Peru before having permanent refuge in Argentina.

Beautiful picture of Manuela Escobar sitting on sofa wearing yellow shirt

She lived a very difficult and challenging life after her father’s death. Juan Pablo Escobar, the elder brother of Manuela Escobar was an architect and author. She adopted new name Juana Manuela Marroquín Santos in the new locality Argentina along with her mother and brother who also changed their real names.

Reports also claimed that she was living in Argentina to avoid her father’s sins, but she didn’t bother such reports. Pablo Escobar’s luxurious lifestyle and huge assets didn’t add value to Manuela Escobar net worth and whatever she owns recently is solely from her dedication towards his career. Marvelous journey of businessman Dan Pena like Manuela Escobar is also undeniable.

Height, Weight & Other Physical Stats

Height5 feet 6 inches
1.64 m
164 cm
Weight52 kg (114 lbs)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlonde
Hair LengthLong
Body measurementsBreast (34 inches), waist (26 inches), hips (35 inches)
Shoe Size6 UK (7 US)
Plastic SurgeryNo
Distinctive FeaturesBold eyes & cute smile

Manuela Escobar Net Worth & Career

Manuela Escobar’s brother and mother step forward in the media and shared her personal life, but she didn’t enter this field due to difficulties she was facing from her father’s past. She did not share much about her personal life but from her Instagram, it is clear that she is earning well.

Manuela Escobar’s dedication and hard work paid her back with such major asset. Currently, she is running two type of business one is related to handmade accessories of pets named as Manee pets in Colombia. Another business she is working is related to hotel and birds watching.

The hotel that she is running as business is named as ‘The Condor’s nest’, where anyone can stay and along with enjoying the facilities of hotel rooms anyone can watch the beauty of birds that are habituating in this fascinating world. Manuela Escobar net worth is result of her continuous struggle and these business ventures. Anyone can reserve the hotel room according to their choice through online official site also.

Social Media Profiles

Social media presence has a significant impact in Manuela Escobar net worth. She is active on Instagram, shares her pictures along with her husband Tomas Botero and build positive image on social media. On Twitter, she is also active with 1656 followers.

AccountFollowers/ Subscribers
Instagram26.1K followers
Twitter1656 followers

Where Is Manuela Escobar Living Now?

Juan Pablo revealed that Manuela Escobar faced many challenges due tho her father’s past, even she tried to harm hersel due to continous despair, so she moved to her brother’s house for her security.

She lived with her brother and his wife in their house for a specific period of time, as she feels secure there. Manuela Escobar net worth, testament of her hard work is $2 million. Recently, she is residing with her husband Tomas Botero in Columbia after dating each other for more than 10 years.


Pablo Escobar’s life was filmed in famous television series Nacros in Colombia. This series focused on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the USA and the drug holders of that time.

Manuela Escobar is a controversial personality, as rise and fall of the drug holders and their relatives were the main controversial point of Narcos also. Manuela kept silence for long time on the commotions and maintained peace by not bothering the part of such controversy. She also not made any public statements related to such negotiation.


  • The Instagram account of Manuela Escobar has 20.4k followers which shows that she is a popular public figure.
  • Manuela Escobar loves to have cold coffee and pineapple.
  • She is fond of dogs. So she is having 2,3 dogs every time in her house.
  • On the beach, Manuela Escobar loves to spend some time.
  • She was the last and dearest child of Pablo’s Escobar family. Even he aborted a child in her love after Manuela Escobar.
  • Once Manuela Escobar asked her father about the worth of a million dollar, her father replied that worth of million dollar is the value of your eyes.
  • In year 2018, her brother and mother was arrested in accuse of her father’s sins. The status of these allegations is still pending and unclear.

Frequently Asked Questions

She is running her own business of hotel and homemade pet products which clearly shows that Manuela Escobar net worth is approximately $2 million.

The Cartel members stole the money from the Escobar family. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the inherited amount of assets. They are doing their own business for survival.

Currently, Manuela Escobar age is 39 years old, as she entered this world on May 25, 1984.

Manuela Escobar is a real estate agent and homemaker running her own business She owns two ventures; homemade pet products named the Manee Pets and hotel named The Condor’s Nest, that is enough for her living. Manuela Escobar net worth the testament of her impressive journey is $2 million.

Final Words

Manuela Escobar, daughter of renowned drug holder and cocaine business king, is Columbian businesswoman and homemaker. Her father was the wealthiest criminal with net worth of $30 billion at his time ($70 billion of present time). The claimed Manuela Escobar net worth is $2 million, and she earned this through her own hotel business.

Hope you find the information regarding Manuela Escobar net worth informative, if you still have any query then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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