Bill Walton Net Worth 2023: How Rich is the Sportscaster

Bill Walton Net Worth 2024: Age, Wife, Height, Career

Professional American basketball player and sportscaster Bill Walton net worth is approximately $20 million as of 2024. He is a skilled basketball player awarded with numerous accolades and titles. He participated in various international basketball competitions.

Furthermore, he started his professional career when the Portland Trail Blazers drafted Bill Walton in the 1974 NBA. Dallas Chaparrals also selected him in American Basketball Association (ABA) 1973, followed by his debut in the NBA Draft. His successful journey continued with the NBA Final Most Valuable Award in 1977. The Trail Blazers also won the NBA Championship in the same year.

Bill Walton actively participated in basketball till 1979. Afterwards, he signed a contract with San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers. Check out the complete article for Bill Walton net worth, biography, age, height, weight, personal life and much more.


Real NameWilliam Theodore Walton III
Professional NameBill Walton
Date of BirthNovember 5, 1952
Place of BirthLa Mesa California, United States
Age71 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height6’11’ (2.11 m)
Weight96 kg (210 pound)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGray
Marital Status Married
SpouseLori Matsuoka
EducationHelix Charter High School, Stanford Law School, The University of California,  Los Angeles
ProfessionAmerican Sportscaster
Net Worth $20 million
Last UpdatedJanuary 02, 2024

Early Life

Bill Walton was born into this world on November 5, 1952, in La Mesa California, United States. His remarkable skills led him towards the undeniable journey in basketball. He had great interest in sports from his early life, but he joined music classes along with his four siblings. Walton performed well during sports competition, in Helix High School in San Diego.

Despite his brilliant performance from early life, he also faced obstacles like several injuries on his knees and other body parts. . Neverthless, his exceptional skills and undeniable performance at college level led him to join University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins

Bill Walton comeback in NBA, wearing blue shirt while playing

At the university level, he got a chance to perform under the supervision of Legendary coach John Wooden. His extraordinary rebounding skills led the Bruins to participate in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 1972 AND 1973.

Personal Life

Bill Walton was married to Susan Guth in 1979, but they got divorced in 1989. Lori Matsuoka Walton is the second wife of Bill Walton since 1991. Bill Walton has 4 sons from his first wife Susan Goath. His sons also had an interest in basketball and often spotted playing with his father.

Bill Walton Career and Earnings

Bill Walton’s career is testament to his illustrious professional career and extraordinary skills. In the 22 attempts of the NCAA Championship 1973, he set an unbeatable record till 2022 by scoring 41 points. He gained recognition by his significant contribution and participation in different high profile matches of basketball.

Bill Walton playing basketball, wearing white shirt and holding football.

NBA Career

Bill Walton’s career started in 1974, when the Portland Trail Blazers signed an agreement with him for the NBA Draft. His injuries hindered his success in early years of his career, and he disppointed his team in the first two seasons of the NBA Draft. Despite all the impacts of injuries, he showcased his talent as a rookie, testament of his exceptional skills and formidable basketaball IQ.

Trail Blazer and Bill Walton advanced his journey in NBA after first seasons, as the journey of Stephen Jackson in the NBA. Their showed marvelous performance against Philadelphia 76ers. won the four final games and the NBA championship in 1977. Bill Walton earned the title of Most Valuable Player of Final in game 6 victory in the same year.

In 23 rebounds, he scored 20 points, but his injuries limited his play time and continued to hinder his glory. During the playoff 1978, he performed after having painkilling injections. But Bill Walton requested trading, as he claimed that despite injuries, he and his fellows were not treated well.

Bill Walton playing for NBA with full potential and wearing red shirt.

Subsequently, he demanded a trade, citing unfair treatment for himself and his fellow players as they were struggling with injuries. Walton spent six years with the San Diego Clippers after 1979. His injuries continue to lessen his impact on the team. In 1984, he returned with great potential to the Boston Celtics.

He always played as a substitute, but Bill Walton didn’t disappoint his team and tried to earn an NBA title during the 1984-85 season, last significant chapter of his career as a basketball player. His salary was $3 million during his career in NBA. This amount contributed in Bill Walton net worth.

Bill Walton earned $1.35 million from the San Diego Clippers marked as his most valuable season. As Karim Benzema came back after a lot of controversies, Bill Walton’s undeniable skills and remarkable comeback, in three seasons with the Boston Celtics paid him $4,25,000 per season.

Sportscaster Career

Bill Walton’s foot injury didn’t allow him to continue as a basketball player, and he started broadcasting with Marty Glickman. In early 90s, he started working for CBC as sportscaster. In 1994, he joined ESPN. His journey in ESPN was marvelous till 2009. After working for a long duration of 19 years with ESPN, he resigned this job due to severe chronic back pain.

During his career as commentator, he received numerous accolades and awards. He was credited with an Emmy Award for commentating work. Moreover, he also worked for a satellite rewarding show, “One More Saturday Night”.

Bill Walton published his autobiography titled as “Back from the Dead: Searching for the Sound, Shining the Light and Throwing it Down”, This book achieved the title of best seller status in NewYork in mere two weeks of its publication. This book insights Bill Walton net worth, personal life, career and much more.

Health Issues

Bill Walton’s chronic ankle problem became severe for excessive use of painkillers to participate in basketball matches. After his resignation as sportscaster in 2009, he underwent back surgery of 8 hours to fuse his spine. He was not able to move for one year after this procedure.

Bill Walton Net Worth Growth

The last 5-year summary of Bill Walton net worth, testament of his remarkable skills and successful basketball career, is summarized in the table section.

YearNet Worth
Bill Walton net worth 2024$20 million
Bill Walton net worth 2023$19 million
Bill Walton net worth 2022$17 million
Bill Walton net worth 2021$16 million
Bill Walton net worth 2020$14 million

Awards and Achievements

1972-743 consecutive Player of the Year Award
1973Top Amateur Athlete
1977Most Valuable Player Award
1991NBPA’s Oscar Robertson Leadership Award
2002NBA Retired Players Association Humanitarian Award
2012NBA Rookie of the Year Award
2016-17Magic Johnson Award
2020NBA Rising Star Award.

Real Estate

Bill Walton’s net worth allowed him to invest in several real estates. He is the co-founder of Rock point Group, Harvard Business School, Jacksonville, USA. Walton resides in his own San Diego house along the northern edge of Balboa Park. His house worth $5.5 million in today’s currency rate, added value to Bill Walton net worth.

Social Accounts

AccountFollowers/ Subscribers
Instagram101K followers
FacebookNot Available
TwitterNot Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Walton currently reside in Dan Diego and involved in several business ventures for providing valuable ideas related to business. He is also a board member Junior Seau foundation.

Bill Walton’s wife is Lori Matsuoka since 1991. Susan Guth is his ex-wife from 1979-1989.

Yes, Bill Walton has four sons from his wife Susan Guth. Their names are Luke Walton, Nathan Walton, Chris Walton and Adam Walton.

Height of Bill Walton is 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 m).

As of 2023, Bill Walton is 71 years old.

Final Words

Bill Walton is a successful American basketball player and sportscaster. He participated and performed well in numerous NBA matches. Bill Walton net worth, testament of his remarkable career and exceptional skills is $20 million.

Hope you liked the article Bill Walton net worth. If you still have any query, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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